The Powhite Parkway Extension will eliminate direct access to it from Brandermill Parkway

Posted May 11, 2024 at 11:30 AM, Filed Under: All News, Front Page

By Greg Pearson

The VDOT plan to extend the Powhite Parkway westward to Woolridge Road will cut off direct access to Route 76 from Brandermill Parkway. Brandermill residents and others will have to access the Powhite Parkway from its new intersection at Charter Colony Parkway.

That VDOT plan is in the initial stage of development to extend the Powhite Parkway without tolls, looping around to Route 360 further west near Grange Hall Elementary School. Members of the Chesterfield Department of Transportation (CDOT) explained the plan. The goal, reported CDOT Director Chessa Walker and Senior Engineer Bill Arel, was to relieve the traffic congestion in the Route 360 corridor, particularly during rush hours entering and exiting Route 288.

The extension of four-lane divided highway to Woolridge Road will cost $200 million with construction beginning in 2027 and taking two years to complete. The closing of direct access from Brandermill Parkway is required because of the close proximity to the Charter Colony Parkway intersection. Since it is cheaper to have a two-lane road elevated, Brandermill Parkway would go over the 4-lane Powhite extension. The roadway is in the planning stage so that could change.

CDOT made its PowerPoint presentation to the Brandermill Region Men’s Club (BRMC) on May 2 at the senior men’s group monthly meeting held the first Thursday of each month (except July and August). These newsworthy programs are also open to any other resident of Chesterfield County. About 25 people joined BRMC members for that presentation, totaling 72 persons attending. The PowerPoint presentation of the Powhite Parkway extension is attached.

At its June 6 meeting representatives of the engineering firm Balzer & Associates will make a PowerPoint presentation on the rezoning application for Celebrations special events location to convert to a single family and multifamily development off Woolridge Road adjacent to the Swift Creek Reservoir. The 10am BRMC meeting will be held at the Brandermill Church. The firm will answer questions from BRMC members and other guests during the presentation.