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Bowling Activities

The Brandermill Region Men’s Club Bowling League always needs bowlers! The 2022-2023 season is underway. We have bowlers of many different averages. It is a handicap league so we welcome bowlers of all abilities. If you feel like you can not commit to a regular league, we also have need for substitutes.

We bowl every Tuesday at Bowl America on Hull St at 9:00 am. We gather at about 8:30 and start at 9:00. During the summer, we still bowl with whoever shows up. Anyone who would like more information can contact Don Gerardi, President of the league, at 804-739-4486.

Email address is dgerardi1@comcast.net.

Hope to see you at the Bowl America.

You Gotta Have Friends by Robert Putnam, Time Magazine, Sunday, Jun. 25, 2006
Six years ago in a book I wrote called Bowling Alone, I argued that the fabric of American communities has frayed badly since the mid-1960s. I traced plummeting membership in PTAs, unions and clubs of all sorts; long-term declines in blood donations, card games and charity; and drops of 40% to 60% in dinner parties, civic meetings, family suppers, picnics and, yes, league bowling.


So what can be done? Unlike global warming, we can solve this problem fairly easily by simply getting more involved in our communities and spending more time with family and friends. Family-friendly workplaces would help too. Reaching out to a neighbor or connecting with a long-lost pal--even having a picnic or two--could just save your life.