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Help Needed for West Virginia flood victims

Posted June 30, 2016 at 6:53 PM

The Clover Hill Show Choir is taking on an important need for the WVA flood victims. They are providing their tractor trailer that is used during the show year to collect items for the flood victims. They need our help as they have helped us in the past.

The need is so great for manning the truck, a signup genius has been created. If you are able to help, please go to the site and sign up:

The truck will be leaving on 7/15, but you will see the date on the signup is listed as 7/14. I am sure we will be told the definite date as the time nears. The Show Choir will perform their Benefit Concert right in front of the truck before they pull out; they will then travel to another donation site - SML (Smith Mountain Lake). They will perform another Benefit Concert that night and will finish their journey on Sunday at WVa.

The CHHS Show Choir has their truck at the Walmart Store at Hancock Village. They are filling it with donations of anything you can provide for the residents of West Virginia. You can stop by the truck and ask what they need or you can pick up items on the way to the truck such as water, bleach, toilerties, diapers, toothpaste, coloring books & crayons for the children, and please do not forget the animals - cat, dog, etc. food. If you can think it - it is needed in WVa.

The truck will be there until July 15 from 9am to 8pm. They are looking for volunteers to help man the truck from 4-8pm. Please contact Sandi Thomas if you can help in this way - 804 216-2518.