About the BRMC

The Brandermill Region Men's Club consists of approximately 150 members who have chosen Leavesto make their homes in the communities surrounding Brandermill and Woodlake in Midlothian VA. You will find that our members arrived here from many different areas of the country and that their working backgrounds are rich and varied. This diversity of experience is a source of strength which has contributed greatly to the club's success.

The objectives of this non-profit organization are Tee to make life more enjoyable and rewarding by promoting friendship and social activities to those residing in the communities surrounding Brandermill and Woodlake, and to aid in the betterment of the community, primarily through support of local and national organizations.

Upcoming Events

March Euchre Tournament

We will be having a euchre tournament in March. Euchre is a card game with partners. 24 cards are played. You do need to know this game to play In the tournament. We will teach you. We will tentatively schedule this on Mondays 9-11 or 12. It will be at Harbor Point clubhouse. Details call Bill LaLonde before first week of March.


March 2018 Meeting (Includes Audio)

Posted March 7, 2018 at 8:28 PM

Our guest speaker for our March 1, 2018 meeting was historian and author Mary Miley Theobald. Mary, author of the wonderful new Brandermill History Book, spoke on “Brandermill: the History and the Book.”


February 2018 Meeting (includes audio)

Posted February 3, 2018 at 3:09 PM
The guest speakers for our Feb. 1, 2018 meeting were Jennifer Cunningham, Director of Development and Communications and Jim Wark, CEO of Virginia Voice, Inc. Virginia Voices' mission is to connect individuals with disabilities to information, culture and community using technology and the human voice, being committed to offering equitable access to periodicals and local performing arts. When visual access is not possible volunteers are employed to lend their voices to ensure that others in our community can connect by listening. (more...)

December 2017 Meeting (includes Audio)

Posted December 11, 2017 at 11:16 PM

Our guest speaker for the Dec. 7, 2017 meeting was be Elizabeth Hart Jones, who spoke about her father, Col. William A. Jones III, USAF, a Medal of Honor winner from the Vietnam War.